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Nikhita Tandon Collection At Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Show – Spring Summer 2011

Romancing the modern diva

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Nikhita’s Spring Summer 2011 collection is a dreamy voyage towards surrealism. It’s a party time in the fantasy land. The youthful spirit resonates along a fairy-tale persona of the modern day girl—an ambitious diva, who loves to live her dream to superior extents; a girl, who adores building a paradise amalgamating surrealism and her real self. It is a well communicated portrayal of romance and worldly charms re-emphasizing femininity.


Silhouettes were a connotation of sensuous treatments and trendy drapes with crocheted midriffs and over the top Victorian collars. The fabrics were experimental, exploring tatted laces, crochets, larger than life ruffles, and sensuous frills. Diagonal frills were embellished with swarovski crystals in a niche manner. The ensembles came as a result of poised process, which dotingly caresses frill techniques, mostly highlighted on the necklines, hems and side panels.


The collection is an episode of subconscious colour palette that loves the monotony of marvellously underlined hues and tints.  Ivory and whites were neatly teamed with belts in realistic shades of camels, tan and black. Floral clutches were an accessory not to miss out on. Pearls stated a coordinated look in the forms of neckpieces and beautiful wristbands.




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